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Uncategorized Mar 07, 2020

The other day I was coaching a woman. Her husband wants a divorce. He told her he didn’t love her anymore. She didn’t have a clue. My heart ached when she told me. She works full-time, they have two young children, busy lives. She told me they didn’t argue. They always talked things out.

Always? (Please take this word out of your vocabulary when it comes to relationships, it’s dangerous.)

Hmmm…..Obviously, something went awry. Either something was missing, something wasn’t good enough, somebody got distracted, etc.

Don’t let it happen to you!

Relationships are not passive. They are extremely active but not over active. It’s got to be just right.

And you’ve got to have more than just date night.

To get it just right, you must keep the fire burning in your relationship. From the day you meet until ….

Did you have fun when you first met?

Are you having fun now?

Always treat each other with total respect. Always speak to one...

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Your Gold Heart Stone

This is a gold heart stone. If you don't have one yet and would like one, please email me at: [email protected]. Send me your mailing address and I will send this little piece of glass that can change your life forever. (Limited time only)

For those that received one, I either met you while you were shopping, doing errands, online or at one of my workshops.

Those of you who were shopping or doing errands, you probably thought it was odd for a strange woman to give you a gold heart stone made of glass. I would’ve thought the same if I were you.

However, this is a legitimate mission.

Please check out my website:

Your heart stone’s meaning:

The gold stands for the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you like to be treated as well as speak to others the way they like to be spoken to. The heart is to humble and remind us to ALWAYS do EVERYTHING with Love.

So, what do you do with your heart stone?

Life is hard. So often we...

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30 Day Challenge

Uncategorized Oct 23, 2019

YOU are invited to a 30-day challenge that is going to change your life

In fact, you will soon want to be kind all the time because YOU are going to feel so much better about yourself and the people around you are going to appreciate you more.

It’s going to be a HUGE challenge for some. Stick with it even if you mess up. It’s ok. We are working on awareness. Oopses, I’m sorry’s, I can’t do its, this is too hards, etc are to be expected. If you mess up one day, just do your best the next day. Please share how you are doing on our Facebook page:

If people judge, they will be removed from this group.

 Who: This is for anyone who snaps, bickers, shouts, swears at anyone including your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, family, in-laws, siblings, and coworkers. If people push your buttons and you get frustrated, upset, angry. This challenge is for you. If you are a peaceful, always...

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Please Don't Snap At People

As Duane and I travel across the US spreading as much love as possible, we’re working part-time at a campground. This campground offers reward points with their discount card.

A woman came into our office with a pre-paid reservation. I noticed she had a lot of reward points. I offered to give her a credit of $25 for her reward points. She was kind and grateful. Her attitude and chatty tone was quite pleasant.

Then I notice that the credit card I was going to put the refund on was expired. I can’t give a refund on an expired credit card, but I'd already applied the rewards points. For me to return the points to her card, I had to call the corporate office. It takes about an hour to do. Thinking about her comfort, I told her to get settled in her campsite and we would let her know when the reward points were returned.

As she was walking out the door I mentioned the reason I offered the points to her was that if her discount card had expired, she would lose them. All of a...

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We Can’t Say Whatever We Feel and Get The Love We Crave

It’s so easy to say whatever is on our mind, isn't it? I used to say the meanest things and not think twice about it. Accusations, blame, criticism, and judging people was part of my everyday conversation. I ruined relationships and hurt many people in doing so. Speaking our mind is tearing us apart. Have you noticed that so many don’t know how to handle any sort of conflict without snapping, shouting and cursing at one another? There is absolutely no peace in that form of communication.

When someone snaps, shouts and curses at you, do you like it? Of course not. Nobody does. How is “speaking your mind” or “telling it like it is” helping your situations. How is that supposed to help us love thy neighbor? How is that working for our world?

It’s not folks. Most of our relationships are falling apart. We are also causing a ripple of anger across our world.  It's time to have a change of heart, step up and break the habit. Controlling our...

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Are You Tired of Fighting with Your Husband and Others?

Are you sick and tired of fighting with your husband, significant other, siblings, children, and others in your life? I’m sorry you are going through such a hard time. I felt your pain for many decades. I broke off two very important relationships, got divorced, lost contact with some of my children for a while, didn't get invited to important family events, and lost friendships because of my harsh, sometimes drunkard mannerism of communicating with others. I really do know what you are suffering through. It’s a terrible place to be. The negative drama gets old. It breaks up friendships, family relationships and coworkers ignore you. I know, I’ve been there.

Try this:

To Yell or Not to Yell

The arguing back and forth, and snapping at one another doesn’t help any situation. Unfortunately for our world, many don’t know another way to express themselves because snapping, bickering, shouting, and lately in recent years, cussing, has been passed down...

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