30 Day Challenge

Uncategorized Oct 23, 2019

YOU are invited to a 30-day challenge that is going to change your life

In fact, you will soon want to be kind all the time because YOU are going to feel so much better about yourself and the people around you are going to appreciate you more.

It’s going to be a HUGE challenge for some. Stick with it even if you mess up. It’s ok. We are working on awareness. Oopses, I’m sorry’s, I can’t do its, this is too hards, etc are to be expected. If you mess up one day, just do your best the next day. Please share how you are doing on our Facebook page: http://bit.ly/BeTheBetterPersonFaceBookGroup.

If people judge, they will be removed from this group.

 Who: This is for anyone who snaps, bickers, shouts, swears at anyone including your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, family, in-laws, siblings, and coworkers. If people push your buttons and you get frustrated, upset, angry. This challenge is for you. If you are a peaceful, always loving, kind, considerate and sincere please pass this to someone who could use this.

Age: Any. If you get mad and have a bad attitude or say mean things you are old enough to participate. Please anyone under 18. Make sure your parents say it is ok.

 What: A 30-day challenge to see if you can go through an entire month without raising your voice unless it is a positive exciting situation. No pitching (tone is always pleasant) no bad attitudes, no nagging facial expressions. No sarcasm. No silent treatment either. Ask for a time out. We are going to live the Golden Rule: Treat Others The Way You Like To Be Treated, Speak to Others The Way You Like To Be Spoken To. Remember if you don’t like being spoken to that way then they really don’t like being spoken to that way.  I’m asking you to step up! Be The Better Person so that you can get the love you crave at home and the respect you deserve at work. Please help us create peace one person at a time. Silly is better than surly. Corney is better than cruel. Mushy is better than mean.

 When: Starts on November 1, 2019, at midnight! It ends on November 20 at Midnight.

 Where:  Come here to share how you are doing on Be The Better Person Facebook Group. Highs and lows of the day or week. Are The 7 Golden Steps working for you? Show your pictures to describe your wins, be proud of your accomplishment. Because when you are in control. You are also Free.

How: You might need some tools:

Get Ready:

  1. Read Chapter 7 in Step Up! Be The Better Person if you have the book. If you can’t afford the book. I will email you the chapter.
  2. Sign up for The 7 Golden Step Flyer at thepositivedramaqueen.com
  3. Join my Facebook Group so you can get your contract. 
  4. Find a heart rock, stone that you can hold in your hand for a constant reminder.

Contact me at: [email protected]


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