Your Gold Heart Stone

This is a gold heart stone. If you don't have one yet and would like one, please email me at: [email protected]. Send me your mailing address and I will send this little piece of glass that can change your life forever. (Limited time only)

For those that received one, I either met you while you were shopping, doing errands, online or at one of my workshops.

Those of you who were shopping or doing errands, you probably thought it was odd for a strange woman to give you a gold heart stone made of glass. I would’ve thought the same if I were you.

However, this is a legitimate mission.

Please check out my website:

Your heart stone’s meaning:

The gold stands for the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you like to be treated as well as speak to others the way they like to be spoken to. The heart is to humble and remind us to ALWAYS do EVERYTHING with Love.

So, what do you do with your heart stone?

Life is hard. So often we don’t speak to others the way we want to be spoken to, right? Then we hurt and we hurt others.  Well, this heart stone is to remind you to do EVERYTHING with love so that YOU and your family can have more love and peace in your home and work.

When you are about to cop an attitude, get pitchy and snap, bicker, shout or cuss at anyone. Grab that gold heart stone and hold it. Say: “I’m going to do EVERYTHING with love; I’m going to do EVERYTHING with love; Hold it in your fist and yell at your hand if you have to “I’m going to do EVERYTHING with love.” Instead of yelling at anyone. You are tired of hurting and watching others get hurt by your words. You are stepping up to be the better person.  AND you want to be an elegant/gallant influence.

Challenge yourself, don’t put it down until you do EVERYTHING with love. Every word, every action, every facial expression is with love. You do this and your life with transform. You will eventually feel more love in your life, and you will gradually have peace of mind. 

You will soon feel really good about yourself too. Those around you are going to appreciate you more.

The secret to life is love. Once you learn how to love yourself and love others the way they like to be loved, you will have a more peaceful and loving life, especially if you allow God to guide you.

If you need help, here are  The 7 Golden Steps. It's FREE! Print this out and put it on your refrigerator so your whole family can use it or bring it to work for your coworkers.

Also, check out: Mary's Best Selling Book: Step Up: Be The Better Person, Live The Golden Rule.

Keep your heart stone or give it to someone you know that could use it. Please don’t lose it. It has changed lives. 

Come join and share your story how you used your heart stone on our Facebook Group: Be The Better Person

Help us create peace one person at a time.

Thank you for your time.

Said with Love,



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